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SSAR-15 SBS Slide Fire Solutions Buttstock

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Available in Black or Flat Dark Earth (Tan).

Slide Fire Solutions ground breaking "Slide Stock" technology and ergonomic design provide individuals the ability to Bump Fire more safely - offering another element of entertainment for recreational shooters everywhere!

Applying principles that have been used for over 40 years to Bump Fire - this new radical design ensures the operator can hold the rifle correctly without compromising their own safety or the safety of others around them. Unlike when bump firing from the hip; the SSAR-15™ allows the shooter to properly aim the firearm. In addition, the shooter must push forward to discharge each round, as a result, the shooter corrects their point-of-aim for each shot discharged instead of allowing recoil to push the muzzle upward.


Allows shooter to shoot as quickly as desired, in a safe manner.
Easily installs on most AR-15 rifles equipped with a carbine style buffer tube.
No permanent modifications necessary.
Made in the USA.
Constructed of Premium Reinforced High Strength Polymer.

Only compatible on AR-15s with Carbine Style Buffer Assemblies.
Compatible with Thureon Defense Carbines with commercial buffer tubes.
Thureon Defense Single Point Sling Mount can be used with a SSAR-15 SBS Stock.

SSAR-15 SBS™ Rifle Stock. (Right or Left Handed)
Interface Block.
Hex Key.