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Thureon Defense is founded on the principle that quality, reliability, and value are not only expected, but in demand in today’s marketplace.  The carbine produced by Thureon Defense LLC exhibits each of these attributes.

Quality – Our components are machined from the best materials on state-of-the-art, computer controlled machining centers.  

Reliability – The receiver is designed to control the cartridge as it is fed from the magazine into the chamber.  Careful attention to the dynamics of the feeding and ejecting cycle have enabled us to manufacture a carbine that will work under the worst of conditions with the broadest range of ammunition.

Value – Here is what our customers say, "All I can say is "Wow", don't think I've ever had a weapon that I just drool over. You guys have done it right!" -"Gene" from Mississippi.

Don’t compromise!  Buy a carbine that has been designed specifically for pistol cartridges.  You will understand the difference the first time you shoot it.