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Magazine Modifications

Magazine Options

After perusing the online forums, it is obvious that we need to clarify the magazine utilization issue.

The Thureon Defense carbine is made to use most magazines designed for the Colt AR-15 9mm carbine.  We have tested aftermarket magazines from C-Products, ProMag Industries, Rock River Arms, and USA Magazines.  They all work, but some work very well, some work fairly well, and the rest work just OK. Please note that magazines from any of those sources require modification as described below.

The magazines supplied with our carbines are modified 32 round Uzi mags.  We cut the necessary release notch in the side of the magazine body and a relief in the back of the magazine for the Lula Loaders, and we reform the follower so that the bolt doesn’t ride over the rim of the last couple of rounds.  We also grind a little material off of the ejection-side feed lip to reduce interference with the ejecting empty cartridges.  These modifications result in a magazine that outperforms anything else we have tested.

We will modify any magazines to be used in our carbines for $15.00 each, plus shipping.  If you have or find a stash of Uzi mags, send them to us and we will make them work for you.